Reya Comes Out of Her Shell


Easterseals Washington’s Growing Years Child Development Center has been a lifeline for our family. Reya was born prematurely and had several health issues that made me nervous about enrolling her in preschool. Amanda, the program Director, and the other teachers quickly put me at ease. 

The support of everyone at the center made it easy for us to be proactive about some of the health concerns that come with being premature. After we provided Growing Years with Reya’s care instructions, the teachers offered my wife and I informational resources and regularly communicated with us about Reya’s diet and medications making it easy for us to stay on top of Reya’s health requirements.

When Reya was diagnosed with Autism in 2020, the teachers were super helpful in incorporating her action plan for her development. Reya’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapist started coming to Reya’s classroom every week to work with her. Amanda and the other teachers were great about including her ABA exercises in her daily curriculum.  

The support and collaboration with everyone at the center have been incredibly beneficial for Reya’s growth. Since starting at the center, she has really come out of her shell! Now, she is more outgoing and makes friends with the other kids. 

Growing Years has been critical in our lives. We love our preschool and are grateful for the staff and that we have a good relationship with them. Whenever I drop Reya off, I feel good knowing that she will be safe and her needs are met. We will definitely be keeping Reya enrolled at Growing Years for as long as we can. 

-Growing Year’s Parent 

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