Kirian's OPAC Breakthrough

Learner Makes Big Strides with ABA Therapy

Kirian was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. His mother, Jessica, noticed that his vocabulary wasn't developing the same as other children his age; he was having trouble forming words and getting frustrated when no one understood him. After his diagnosis, they were referred to a local therapy center for support. Unfortunately, Kirian was only receiving 30 minutes of group therapy a week and wasn't making any progress.

Kirian Playing 660px

Jessica knew just how much this diagnosis would affect Kirian's life. Autism can severely impact a child's ability to socialize, communicate, and learn at the same rate as their typically developing peers. Studies have shown that early-intervention therapies are vital in helping children overcome these challenges, so Jessica was determined to get Kirian the support he needed.

After looking into several programs, Jessica and Kirian found Easterseals Washington's Olympic Peninsula Autism Center (OPAC). OPAC is committed to providing intensive, center-based, 1-on-1 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children with autism. Kirian began therapy 3 days a week, and it didn't take long to see progress. He is now able to use signs and body language to get his needs met and get the attention he seeks. He looks forward to coming to his therapy sessions, often bringing his clothes to his mom in the morning because he is so excited to get dressed and see his friends at OPAC.

Kirian Looking 660px

Children like Kirian benefit immensely from personalized ABA therapy, giving them the opportunity to succeed in school and having a lasting impact for their entire lives. Learn more about the Olympic Peninsula Autism Center and our ABA Therapy programs here.

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