Thrive Advocacy: Makin' it Happen

It is important for us girls to take action for ourselves and others in the disability community. So we spent time reaching out to women online to gather perspectives on what disability advocacy means in today's world.

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#ThriveAdvocacy - The Youth Influence

COMING SOON:  March 26th, 2 p.m CST

Our monthly Thrive Twitter chat will be on disability advocacy and how youth culture can have an impact! Join us for a great discussion.

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Feature Articles

There are more to come! Keep checking back!

bestkeptsecret100Storytelling: A Disability Advocate's Best Friend

Elizabeth Heideman talks candidly about how the power of words can be an asset for advocacy.

vilissaKeep Ya Head Up! Finding Self-Love and Sisterhood as a Disabled Woman

What does it mean to be an advocate as a woman of color with a disability? Vilissa tells her personal journey and the lessons she's learned.

Disability History: What Has It Done For Me Lately?

Alice Wong has been collecting and recording stories of events in disability history. What can we gain from history in today's world?

ashleyashbee3 Ways to Be Your Best Self with an Invisible Disability

Self-advocacy can be a unique challenge for people with invisible disabilities. Ashley talks about what works for her.

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