Key Safety Considerations for People with Disabilities

Use these questions to help begin an emergency planning process.

  1. Do you need help with personal care, or use adaptive equipment to meet your personal care needs?
  2. What assistance would you need in an emergency?
  3. What would you do if water or electricity were cut off?
  4. Do you need accessible transportation?
  5. Do you need assistance to leave your home or office?
  6. How will you need to be alerted to an emergency?
  7. If elevators are not working, do you have a back-up plan?
  8. Who will be available and know how to help you exit?
  9. Will you need mobility aids to exit?
  10.  Will you need back-up mobility aids when you reach a safe place?
  11. Do you need medical supplies available in a safe place?
  12. Will you need assistance in training and caring for a service animal?
  13. Who needs to know where you will be after an emergency evacuation?
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