Caregiving Stories: The New Faces of Caregiving

Taking care of an elderly parent, though increasingly common these days as Baby Boomers age, isn't the only form of caregiving. If you care for a child with a disability, a sick sibling or an injured veteran, you're a caregiver. And you're certainly not alone. There are more than 67.5 million American adults who are caring for someone who is ill, disabled or aging—that's 29% of the adult population—according to the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP.

We want to break through stale perceptions of what a caregiver is and show you the many faces of caregiving in today's world.

Delve into our resources—like organizational apps for caregivers—plus heartfelt stories and blog posts below. Let us know what you think on or our blog. Plus download our new caregiving study.

Frank InHome ServicesCaring for a Friend or Neighbor
Missy and Frank: Neighbors in Need

Caring for a neighbor with Alzheimer’s

Caregiving Page Wamplers

Caring for a Spouse
Caring for a Spouse with a Disability

Stepping Into the Caregiver Role Unexpectedly

Wasilewski Caregiving PageCaring for Parents
Caring for Both Parents

A Daughter's Love

Caregiving Page Sharon Pike

Caring for Children with Disabilities
Caring for a Child with Disabilities Full-Time

Finding Caregivers for Children with Disabilities

sisters caregiving

Caring for Siblings
Caring for a Sister with Down syndrome

Auto Verbal App

Useful Caregiving Resources
7 Gift Ideas for Caregivers

5 Best Apps for Caregivers

A Guide to Help Care for Aging Parents

Download our Many Faces of Caregiving study

Caregiving Blog Landing Page

Easterseals Blog Posts on Caregiving
I'm not mad at my my mother; I'm mad at Alzheimer's

A millenial shares her experience with caregiving

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