Choosing a Medical Rehabilitation Provider

Choosing your therapist is an important decision. When you or a loved one are referred for therapy, you will want to ask your potential therapy provider questions to be sure he or she is the right choice. Consider asking the following questions:

  • How far away is the facility (clinic) and is it close to public transportation, if needed?
  • What will be my out-of -pocket expenses?
  • How can therapy help me (or my family member)?
  • Has the therapist treated many clients with the diagnosis for which I am seeking treatment?
  • Does the therapist have any special certifications or extra education about treatment of my condition?
  • Is the facility accredited by any agency or organization?
  • How long does it take to begin services?
  • How will my family and I be involved in planning my services?
  • What kind of education is provided for patients and their families?

You might also consider visiting the facility or clinic. If you do, pay attention to the following:

  • How are you greeted? Is the receptionist warm and friendly?
  • Is the staff willing to give you a tour?
  • How do staff members treat the people receiving therapy? Do they seem caring, helpful and friendly?
  • Is the building well-maintained, clean and safe?

A Guide from CARF

Many Easterseals affiliates are accredited by CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. This is a reflection of Easterseals’ commitment to high quality services. CARF has a guide for choosing services available to the public.

Finding the right service provider can be difficult; you want a provider that will help you and your family members with a genuine, person-centered attitude. You and your family have the ultimate power to choose your services. This guide provides some pointers on how to help gauge which provider will work best for you.

When shopping for services, there are some things that may help you move through the process:

  • Know what to ask before you go. How many times have you left a place and said, "Oh, I should have asked about that!" If you take time to prepare questions, you can direct the session to get them answered.
  • Take notes. This will allow you to refer back and compare between service providers.
  • Take a trusted friend or family member with you. Having a second set of ears can provide perspective later when you're making a decision.

The mission of CARF is to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a consultative accreditation process that centers on enhancing the lives of the persons served. Visit CARF website to learn more about choosing a provider and to request additional materials.

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