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Alchemizing HR: Ultimate Problem Solvers, Unlimited Potential: Tapping the Talented Workforce of People with Disabilities

Industries are awakening to the creativity and market power of a diverse and virtually untapped pool of talent – the disability community – that is approximately 61 million Americans strong. Debbie Ball, Vice President of Easterseals Southern California, recently shared insights on the value of including people with disabilities in the workforce with members of the Human Resources Certification Institute.

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Demystifying Disability Book Club Event with Emily Ladau and Special Guest Judith Heumann

Disability advocates Emily Ladau, Judy Heumann, Tatiana Lee, Andrea Dalzell, Erin Hawley, & Anna Goldberg join together for a live discussion on Emily Ladau’s book Demystifying Disability: What to Know, What to Say, and How to Be an Ally.

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Mining for Gold: Finding, Hiring and Nurturing Talented Employees with Disabilities

This webinar features award-winning speaker Aaron Likens, an Autism Ambassador for Easterseals Arkansas and Easterseals Southern California. Aaron is author of the book “Finding Kansas” and was recently named flagman for the Indianapolis 500 racing series. Diagnosed with autism later in life, Aaron helps businesses better understand the talents and value that individuals with disabilities bring to the workplace as well as the need to include disability in their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies. He also provides useful strategies, resources, and inspiration for people with disabilities and other special needs who are seeking employment.

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