Benefits of Easterseals' Camps for People with Disabilities

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Easterseals residential and day camping programs provide an opportunity for children and adults to participate in extracurricular, educational and personal development activities. Outcomes include easier adjustment to new environments, a greater sense of personal satisfaction, and personal habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. 

Separated from their parents, many for the first time, campers begin to trust their own instincts and gain a sense of independence. Camp is their chance to focus on the amazing things they can do, rather than the things they can’t. Campers:

  • Learn to adjust to new environments, various social situations
  • Gain a greater sense of personal satisfaction, self-esteem, and leadership
  • Develop personal habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle
  • Discover and explore interests, values and talents
  • Participate on teams
  • Take responsibility for others and help out
  • Test skills in problem solving
  • Meet a new circle of peers who understand the ins and outs of life with a disability
  • Create life-long friendships

For many adults with disabilities camp provides a "vacation" experience; a time to spend together with old friends, relaxing and experiencing a change in their daily routine.

Camping and recreation programs let participants discover and explore their interests, values and talents. American Camping Association (ACA) studies report that people who participate in camping and recreation experiences are healthier and have fewer problems as a result of their experiences. Camping and recreation activities also provide an opportunity to problem-solve, make social adjustments to different people, learn responsibility, and gain skills to increase self-esteem. 

In the context of everyday life, children and adults with disabilities don’t always have the same opportunities to test their abilities. Inadequate resources, accessibility issues, or anticipated failure on the part of a caregiver or the child himself, can significantly stifle progress.

All of that changes at camp.

To find out more about how an Easterseals camping or recreation program can benefit you or someone you know, please contact Easterseals in your area.

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