Nebraska Work Choice

Nebraska Work Choice is about redefining disability, by changing attitudes and perceptions, dispelling myths and stereotypes and providing education that supports disability inclusion in the workforce. Nebraska Work Choice is changing the culture surrounding work and disability.  Together, we can make a difference!

At Easterseals Nebraska, we:

  • Support individuals with disabilities to understand their benefits and return to work options.
  • Connect job seekers with disabilities to Nebraska employers seeking qualified and dedicated employees.
  • Assist Nebraska service providers in knowing the state and federal systems well enough to navigate and support their consumers to successful outcomes.  
  • Guide employers to embrace diversity so that they achieve the full benefit of hiring talented candidates and incorporating inclusive practices.

We educate and collaborate for workforce success.

Employer Engagement

Easterseals helps Nebraska employers become comfortable, confident and competent in hiring and retaining individuals with disabilities. A variety of educational and referral options are available to connect employers with disability employment related resources regarding:

  • Disability awareness  
  • Disability etiquette
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Disability disclosure
  • Accessibility in the workplace
  • Recruitment incentives and hiring opportunities
  • Compliance with federal employment initiatives and legislation (i.e. Section 503 and the Americans with Disabilities Act)

Flexible Training Sessions

Training is available by webinar and on-site ranging from one hour, two hours, half days, and up to two days in length. Pricing varies depending on the number of attendees and training topics requested.

Public Education

Nebraska Work Choice can also provide specialized training and continuing education for disability service providers, school systems, parents/guardians and other specialized groups regarding: 

  • Social Security disability benefits
  • State and federal work incentives
  • Work incentive specific training
  • Disability & healthcare options
  • Nebraska specific benefits
  • Critical touchpoints for transition age youth
  • Self-advocacy for youth
  • Disability awareness 

A greater understanding of the disability systems and state and federal work incentives means more informed choices and increased opportunities to reach self-sufficiency through work for Nebraska disability beneficiaries.

Advantages of an Inclusive workforce

Inclusion benefits everybody.

  • Increases employee engagement and staff retention
  • Increases employer access to a talented pool of applicants
  • Improves public image
  • Fosters innovation
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