Volunteer Story: Ken

Ken smiling for the camera in front of a painting of a landscapeTwo years ago, Ken moved to New Hampshire to be closer to his grandchildren. Ken has always been interested in the aging process and wanted to keep busy after his retirement. Furthermore, he wanted to learn about the programs that are available for seniors while helping others. This led him to become involved in the NH State Committee on Aging, of which he is now Chairman. During a visit to Easterseals New Hampshire for the committee about a year ago, he was greatly impressed by the Adult Day Program. After the visit, he became a volunteer.

“I was in awe of the staff,” Ken says. “They treat people with such respect and dignity.”

Ken currently volunteers with the program two days a week. He is very comfortable working with people who have memory loss. Ken is willing to help out wherever he is needed and spends time with participants in all four of the program’s rooms. His favorite activity to do with the clients is music bingo, but he also loves volleyball, playing cards, bowling, trivia, and taking day trips. For example, Ken recently participated in a trip to the NH State Veterans Cemetery. He thoroughly enjoys the significant relationships he has made with the participants. He loves to joke around and infuse his witty personality into the program.

“One of my favorite activities is trivia because they are such a great audience,” Ken says. “I like to captivate them with the questions and their answers crack me up. I want to make it humorous and exciting for the participants.”

Each day he volunteers, he is inspired by the variety and originality of the programming. As the chairman of the Committee on Aging, he is familiar with many Assisted Living programs. He often suggests ideas for activities at these programs that he has learned from the Easterseals Adult Day program.

In addition to the Adult Day program, Ken admires the range of programs that Easterseals provides. He loves meeting and working with people of all ages from children to adults.

Besides the Committee and volunteering, Ken stays busy by attending local sports games in New Hampshire, including the Monarchs and the Fishercats, and seeing plays at the Palace Theatre with his wife. He also wants to keep his mind active. Ken is working towards his associate’s degree in criminal justice. He hopes to become a victim’s advocate in the future. For now, he enjoys the time he spend with Adult Day clients.

“Easterseals is so far ahead of other programs I have seen,” Ken says. “The activities here are interesting and the staff is simply amazing.”

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