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For Immediate Release

Easterseals Arkansas Launches Re-branding Campaign

Little Rock, Arkansas, September 13, 2016

Media Contact:
Tina Leoncavallo

Easterseals is getting a facelift! Effective September 13, the lily logo,
which dates back to the 1960s, is history. This mark, whose origins are
tied to our most successful fundraising campaign, has been exchanged
for a warm sunburst to signify the bright inclusive future we’re working

Our goal is largely two-fold: One, to capture and communicate the
work Easterseals does for and with people with disabilities right now;
and two, to introduce Easterseals to the millions of people who are
experiencing disability today, but don’t yet know our history and

Day by day, person by person, Easterseals does the hard work in
communities across the nation to make a positive, profound difference
in the lives of people facing today’s disabilities. Whether the challenge
is physical, intellectual, emotional or social, Easterseals is America’s
go-to resource for thousands who know how deeply disability affects
individuals, families and communities. Thanks for standing with us as
we take on disability, together.

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