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Arkansas’ Community and Employment Services (CES) Waiver program is an alternative to institutionalization.  An individual who has been approved for a CES Medicaid Waiver slot is provided the choice of residing in the least restrictive setting with the supports of CES Waiver Services and other supports rather than residing in an institutional setting,

Across the state of Arkansas, there are currently (As of October 2020) there are more than 4,000 individuals receiving CES Waiver Services. For those individuals who are seeking CES Waiver services, applications can be made by calling 501-683-5687 and requesting an application or by going to by visiting the CES Waiver page of the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

The following are available through the Community and Employment Services (CES) Waiver:

Supported Living Services
Provides Direct Support Professional to work in the individual’s home and community on person centered specific goals and objectives, as identified in the Person Centered Service Plan (PCSP). Supportive Living Services helps individuals to develop and maintain socialization, daily living and adaptive skills necessary to successfully live and work in the community of their choice.  This service is very person centered and is designed to meet the unique needs of the individual and sometimes their family.

Non-Medical Transportation  
Non-medical transportation enables individuals to access community resources, and activities of their choice.

Consultation assists individuals, parents, and/or guardians, or responsible individuals community living services providers and alternate living setting providers in carrying out a speciality area in the Person Centered Service Plan (PCSP) of care.  Some of these examples include: Nursing Consultation, Positive Behavior Support planning, Nutritional needs and many other speciality areas.

Community Transition Services
Community Transition Services is a one time service to allow an individual who is transitioning from an institutional setting or another provider-operated living arrangement into a living arrangement in a private residence where the person is directly responsible for their own living expenses.  

Specialized Medical Supplies
Specialized Medical Supplies are items necessary to sustain quality of life or to address physical conditions along with ancillary supplies and equipment to the proper functioning of such items.  Durable and nondurable medical equipment necessary to address individuals functional limitations.
Adaptive Equipment
Adaptive Equipment used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of daily tasks that would not be possible otherwise, includes the purchasing or leasing, repair and enabling technology that may need to accompany the piece of equipment.  

Respite Services provided by paid staff on a short-term basis to individuals  who are unable to care for themselves when natural supports need a break.

Supported Employment
Supported Employment Services offer support and planning for individuals with an intellectual and developmental disability who wish to seek competitive employment. The individual may have held a job previously or be new to the workforce with assistance of a job coach/staff.

Supplemental Support
Supplemental Support Services enables or helps improve the continuance of community living.  Accessed only as a last resort, when unforeseen problems arise that place the individual at risk of being institutionalized or cause a disruption in services.

Crisis Intervention
Crisis Intervention Services are services designed for individuals who need non-physical intervention to maintain or re-establish a positive behavior support plan or a positive behavior management plan.

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