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Easterseals Arkansas has two developmental preschools, serving children with special needs, disabilities and autism. Both locations offer pediatric outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as quality early childhood special education and are three-star rated by Better Beginnings. Click on the links below to learn more about each of our developmental preschools, the special needs preschool curriculum and how we can partner with you to best prepare your child for kindergarten.

Little Rock Developmental Preschool

Stuttgart Developmental Preschool

Meet Avriyana

Avriyana profile pic

Avriyana was born November 2014 at 30 weeks old to parents, Skochu and Chris. She was a medically fragile baby and stayed in the NICU for 8 weeks and was on feeding and oxygen tubes. Avriyana finally came home on her daddy's birthday, and it was the best birthday gift ever! Her parents kept a close eye on Avriyana and noticed that she wasn’t reaching developmental milestones like the other babies such as like holding a bottle, sitting up or rolling over. After a few months of research, they contacted Easterseals Arkansas. The Easterseals staff provided a comprehensive evaluation and concluded that Avriyana needed physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Avriyana with dad
At eight months old, they enrolled her into our developmental preschool where Avriyana receives quality special education and pediatric therapy. Since she has been at Easterseals, she has tested out of occupational and speech therapy and is only getting one session a week in physical therapy. With the support of her physical therapists, Avriyana recently started walking and walks as if she’s been doing it for a year! At 23 months old, Avriyana can say her ABCs, count to 10 and can make all kinds of animal sounds.

Skochu says, “I am very proud of Avriyana not because she is our child but because of her smile, personality and charm she brings to others.” Because of your continued support to Easterseals Arkansas, Avriyana is meeting important milestones, and we are taking on disability together.

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