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Speech Therapy

Speech - Language Therapy

Student education in the Easterseals Linda Lanham Zeszutek School Program is supported through the provision of methods and opportunities to communicate with peers and staff throughout the school environment. Our speech-language pathologists (SLPs) support student communication by providing:

  • Direct and collaborative services within a variety of  settings (classroom, speech room, special activities)
  • Use of multi-modal communication systems (speech, pictures, speech-generating devices, sign language) with support from the Augmentative Communication Specialist using a “Total Communication” approach
  • Family and community support and education

SLPs, in conjunction with Occupational Therapy, also address the therapeutic feeding needs of students. Individualized interventions are developed to maximize functional eating and drinking skills. For further information on this area, please see Therapeutic Feeding.

Augmentative Communication

Research shows that the early and consistent implementation of augmentative communication systems enhances the possibility that students will develop more speech. Augmentative communication refers to any approach designed to support, enhance, or supplement the communication of students who are not independent verbal communicators in ALL school environments. 

A full-time Augmentative Communication Specialist (master’s level speech-language pathologist with specialized training and experience) supports the staff and family in the assessment, identification, and implementation of systems of communication designed to help the Easter Seals Linda Lanham Zeszutek School student have full access to educational opportunities.

Using a “Total Communication” philosophy, augmentative comunication system will vary in design and may include any combination of:

  • Pictures (such as Picture Exchange Communication System - PECS)
  • Speech generating devices (varying from 1 to multiple choices per page)
  • Sign and gestures
  • Eye gaze
  • Switch selection options
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