The Photo Center Program at Easterseals provides part-time employment for individuals with disabilities as Photo License Technicians (PLT). The PLTs work at Driver License Centers and are responsible for taking photos of customers and printing their new IDs or licenses. The job requires customer service experience and the ability to complete paperwork and maintain security.

Our staff typically work between 8 and 20 hours per week, receive a competative starting wage, and are granted salary increases upon completion of specific durations of service to acknowledge their continued commitment and performance. We offer multiple shifts including morning, afternoon, and all day.  See the PLT job description here.

We advertise our job openings and we receive referrals from Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR). Many of our applicants also come to us as a referral from a friend who is an existing Photo License Technician.

Currently we have eight sites, located in Pittsburgh, Bedford, Johnstown, and Erie, that employ 50 Photo License Technicians.


While providing the staff for the Photo Centers, we work in conjunction with our partner, Unique Source. Unique Source is also a non-profit organization committed to the employment of individuals with disabilities. Unique Source runs the operations side of the Photo Centers, while we run the Human Resource side of the Photo Centers. Together we provide a unique and supportive atmosphere for the staff. If you would like to know more about Unique Source, please visit them at UniqueSource.com.


 Photo of DMV employee  Photo of DMV Employee

The staff that work as Photo License Technicians enjoy their job tremendously. They are grateful to be employed in an environment where they feel they fit in, they do not have to hide their disability, they are offered accommodations, they are accepted by their coworkers, they are not judged, and they are encouraged to be successful. It is such a blessing to be able to provide employment to individuals who are thankful for their job and who love coming to work.


If you are interested in additional information about this program or the current job openings, please contact us at photocenters@eastersealswcpenna.org or 814-437-3071 ext 6102.