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Preventing, Diagnosing and Treating Disabilities
Medical rehabilitation focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disabilities to help individuals live with greater independence. Easter Seals medical professionals work together to restore function lost due to temporary conditions such as lower back pain, or permanent disabilities, such as traumatic brain injury. Easter Seals also promotes quality of life for individuals with disabilities through education and prevention programs.

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Physical Therapy
Physical therapy services focus on enhancing or restoring mobility that may have been lost due to trauma, disease, aging or congenital abnormality. Easter Seals licensed physical therapists use exercise, therapy, assistive devices and special techniques to encourage independence at work, home, school and in the community.

Visit the American Physical Therapy Association

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy services focus on developing a child or adult's ability to perform activities of daily life, such as bathing, dressing and feeding, by enhancing or restoring function that may have been lost due to trauma, disease, aging or congenital abnormality. Easter Seals licensed occupational therapists promote independence in self-care, work and productive activities and play or leisure skills.

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Preschool Speech, Language, Hearing and Middle Ear Screening
The speech-language pathologists in the Preschool Screening Program provide screenings for articulation, language, hearing, voice, fluency and middle ear problems for preschool children. This program is directed toward identification and prevention.

Outpatient Speech and Hearing Services
Speech-Language-Pathologists specialize in communication disorders. They screen, evaluate, and treat children and adults who have problems with articulation, language, voice, fluency, or feeding. Augmentative communication is also used.

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