Sandy Ho

Easter Seals MA Thrive: Program Coordinator

"My name is Sandy Ho and I am the Thrive Program Coordinator at Easter Seals Massachusetts. Growing up, I was often the only young woman - in my family or schools - with my similar disability. Since then, I have experienced and learned of the challenges that come with figuring out being a woman and being disabled. Through my involvement in the Thrive Program I am grateful to have discovered that this 'figuring out' process will never end, but the experience is made more empowering when sharing it with a community of other young women with disabilities as well. I learned this when I asked women with disabilities to submit letters to her younger self to a blog and was quickly blown away by the wealth of knowledge and experiences each one of us has to share.

This is the community where I have asked all manner of 'silly' questions or questions that no one else has ever been able to provide the answers to in my life before. It is also the place full of women with disabilities who share opinions and experiences similar to mine though I used to be too shy to be my own advocate. I have discovered that the things I initially only believed to be possibilities can become my reality, and that I can always count on the community in the Thrive Program to be my champions as I continue towards my own successes. The Thrive Program is important to me because it is a community program where I know I will always be valued for being myself, and I am thrilled to be a part of growing this program to reach more young women with disabilities! "

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