Racial Equity and Disability

Anti-Racism and the Disability Community

Easterseals is proud to be an organization that advocates for societal and systemic equality for all people, no matter what ability or racial background. One in four Americans today are living with disability, and of those, one in four are Black Americans. We also recognize the nuanced and challenging barriers that exist for minorities, and the need to bring visibility and perspective to those issues. We take this opportunity to uplift BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) voices to ensure their stories are told and that people of color with disabilities are informed and supported.

The Easterseals Black Child Fund

Almost 100 years after the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans and other minorities – including people with disabilities – are still facing inequities. That is why we’ve established the Black Child Fund — to help end racial disparities in healthcare, childcare, and education faced by Black children early and throughout life.

Easterseals is a trusted organization that works alongside the people they serve to support people's ability to live better and healthier, a mission we share. We're proud to be the first funder of this important new initiative. - Melissa Brotz, president of the Abbott Fund.

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