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Siblings On Their Brothers and Sisters Who Have Disabilities

The ties that bond siblings can be strong, despite the pushes and pulls they might endure throughout the relationship. Below, a few brothers share what they love and admire most about their sisters who are living with disabilities. (Quotes and photos first published in December 2012). You can also learn more about sibling relationships in the Easterseals sibling study.

"Because of Mary, I have greater empathy and a purer childlike joy for the little things in life. I smile more because of my sister, and I never fail to smile when I'm with her."
–Joseph Williams, friend of Easterseals

Joseph Williams and His Sister


"My sister often reminds me that the 'stuff' I tend to worry about the most really does not matter at all. If Alissa spends a lot of her day laughing and smiling, then why shouldn't I be able to?”
–Brad Miller, Easterseals National Associate Board member

Brad Miller's sibling


"I have great admiration for my sister. Though she faces special challenges on a daily basis, she is one of the most active people I know, having been involved in Special Olympics year-round her whole adult life. That admiration is a daily reminder to attack any challenge I face with the same perseverance."

- Zack Waisanen

Zach Waisanen and His Sister

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