Vocational Evaluation

Limited Vocational Evaluation

The limited vocational evaluation is a method of assessing an individual's aptitudes, interest and academic levels to develop realistic vocational goals and training objectives that measure the client's strengths and identifies areas of need.  The range can be from a limited assessment of skills and abilities to an assessment for a specific training program or vocational objective.  

The client will be evaluated on:

  • Background information
  • Behavioral observations
  • Standardized tests
  • Measures of occupational interest
  • Vocational aptitude assessment
  • Academic skill assessment
  • Attitude towards work

Specific tests could include:

  • Academic achievement
  • Intelligence
  • Sensory and psychomotor
  • Vocational aptitude
  • Vocational learning style
  • Occupational interest and temperament
  • Level of personal independence

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation:

The comprehensive vocational evaluation includes all of the components of a limited vocational evaluation plus extensive standardized testing to fully link previous training, experience and abilities to goals. The outcome is the same;a prescription for employment success.

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