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Community Work Adjustment/On-the-Job Training

Community Work Adjustment Training (CWAT)/On-the-Job Training (OJT) is an opportunity for an employer to mentor a person with a disability, helping them develop the skills needed to realize their career goals.  Throughout the program, the trainee interacts on a regular basis with employees who do not have disabilities, holds a regular position, and is paid no less than minimum wage.  CWAT/OJT helps people with disabilities get used to the employment environment while gaining valuable work experience.

Benefits to the Trainee:

  • Individuals participating in CWAT/OJT have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their abilities, allowing them to concentrate on long term employment as a realistic goal.

  • Individuals will gain job skills and training, occupational awareness, knowledge of appropriate work habits and attitudes, self-esteem and independence from public assistance.  

Employer Benefits:

  • Employers participating in CWAT/OJT have the opportunity to see if the job and their business are a good fit with the trainee.

  • Easterseals may provide reimbursement for the trainee's salary, job-site assessments and needed accommodations, support services including uniforms, tools and buss passes.

  • Federal tax credits may be available to employers who hire individuals with disabilities into permanent positions.

  • Businesses who participate in CWAT/OJT are 4.5 times more likely to hire a person with a disability (which can help you fulfill your 503 obligations if you are a federal contractor).

Who arranges CWAT/OJT?

Easterseals will arrange a CWAT/OJT and coordinate placing the person in the training and any follow-up services needed. Staff will work closely with all parties to develop a CWA/OJT experience that will benefit both the trainee and the employer.  After training begins, Easterseals staff will offer support to the trainee and employer, including Job Coaching. 

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