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Tips from an OT

One of our OT's is sharing some tips for families about In-Hand Manipulation Skills. Read why these skills are so important and how you can encourage your child to practice In-Hand Manipulation Skills. 

by:  Isabelle Witzel, OT

In-Hand Manipulation Skills why are they important to my child?

Being able to explore, manipulate, and position small objects within one hand without using the other hand is an essential skill children develop during the preschool and early elementary years.  The difference between controlled and clumsy manipulation lies on the development of little muscles in the hands and fingers that strengthen with use as your child grows.  If your child doesn’t explore and play with manipulatives that require use of these small muscles, they are likely to experience difficulty with in-hand manipulation and struggle with self-help skills such as using a spoon or a fork to eat, or managing clothing fasteners like buttons, snaps and zippers.  A lack of in-hand manipulation skills can also lead to difficulty with school readiness skills such as drawing, cutting with scissors, and handwriting.

How can I help my child develop in-hand manipulation skills?

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