Identify Your Job Skills and Interests

Through Easterseals vocational evaluation and assessment services, individuals receive guidance regarding vocational options in developing their employment goals and objectives. Services may be provided at a community center, in the home, at school or in other community settings. Assessments range from a general assessment of skills and abilities, to a specific evaluation of a work setting. Service include:

  • Interest inventories
  • Personal interviews
  • Standardized tests
  • Work Samples
  • Observation of work related behaviors
  • Community based job shadows or trials

Who Might Access this Service?

Anyone who is not sure of their career or educational goals should consider vocational evaluation and assessment services. Through this service, clear goals can be developed based on your strengths, skill, interests and abilities.

Find a Job After School/Graduation: School-to-Work Transition Services 

Easterseals provides school-to-work services to help young adults with disabilities prepare a smooth, productive transition from school to the workforce. This service is provided in partnership with local high schools and may occur within the high school or at a job site. Guidance includes planing for desired outcomes before a student leaves the school system. The main structure of the school to work / transition service is related to work based learning including workplace experience, structured training, mentoring and apprenticeship at job sites. Easterseals works closely with local high schools to develop connecting activities to build and maintaining bridges between school, work, residential options and recreational opportunities for students after leaving school.

Who Might Access this Service?

This service is available to any high school student with a qualifying disability. Your local school should be able to provide information regarding service providers in your area and should include those providers in a child’s case conference group so planning can begin well before he or she leaves school.

How are Services Paid For?

State and federal laws determine funding and eligibility requirements. Check with Easterseals in your area for specific information regarding your options.

Interested in government benefit information to help determine your potential eligibility? Visit to access information about hundreds of federal assistance programs and federally-funded programs managed by state and local governments.

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