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The continued pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion is incomplete without factoring in people with disabilities. Here, Easterseals explores how brands and broader society can better understand, appreciate, and embrace this powerful demographic and the myriad benefits that come from doing so.

Businesses can no longer afford to overlook this important and influential group with buying power (an estimated $22 billion) — with tremendous value, perspectives, and talents — and expect to contribute to our thriving economy. We know that when brands genuinely include people with disabilities within their advertising, content, promotional and communications efforts, people with disabilities are far more likely to purchase their products or reward those companies with their loyalty. With more than 61 million people living with a disability in the U.S. alone, marketers would be wise to find ways to better engage this community.

There’s never been a better time to bring authentic disability representation into your company’s branding, marketing and communications, and culture at large. Easterseals has myriad resources available to support your company’s content and inclusion efforts – from finding ways hire disabled talent to appear in ads, write copy, make social media more accessible or assist on a production shoot – the below tools are intended to help you get started. Need more? Just reach out.

Disability Representation in Entertainment & Media

Easterseals is on a mission to change the way to world defines and views disability. For more than a decade, we’ve partnered alongside entertainment and media to create meaningful change and drive greater inclusion across the industry. Specifically -- through a number of Easterseals-driven initiatives, activities and helpful resources -- we’re working to advance disability representation, bring tangible disability employment opportunities forward, increase the volume of authentic, inclusive stories being shared and applaud those doing the best work.

Consider each of these efforts a tool in your inclusion toolbox. Check them out and tap into some useful supports to strengthen your company’s marketing and DEI&A efforts.

Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

This weekend-long filmmaking contest provides a platform for new voices to tell unique stories that showcase disability in its many forms. Winners receive invaluable access to entertainment professionals, opening the door to an industry notoriously difficult to enter. A number of filmmakers and talent credit the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge for advancing their careers. Prizes for winning filmmakers include industry mentorships, production grants, computers, film festival screening opportunities and much more.

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Easterseals in Entertainment

Easterseals offers a variety of tools and resources curated specifically to support the industry’s unique disability inclusion and representation needs. Easterseals has a rich history working alongside entertainment industries to harness its influence to advance social change, shift perceptions and expand authentic disability representation. Through initiatives with widespread industry support, we’re breaking down misperceptions and stigmas to make sure people with disabilities are included in front of and behind the camera.

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Media Tips for Disability Inclusion

We are committed to ensuring that every single person is valued, respected, and accepted. To achieve this type of a society, everyone has a part to play, including the media. Here's some tips about how you can be more inclusive in interviewing people with disabilities.

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Inclusive Branding, Marketing & Communications Tools

The continued pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion is incomplete without factoring in people with disabilities. Easterseals explores how brands and broader society — can better understand, appreciate, and welcome this powerful demographic and the myriad benefits that come from doing so. It’s more important than ever for brands to tap into the true buying power of disability. Creative teams must include people with disabilities more effectively in campaigns (from conception to execution), in hiring, across workplace and DE&I efforts and by expanding access to their products and services, and therefore, enrich their consumer experiences. While it is the right thing to do, it is now a must for good business.

The following includes insightful resources, articles, examples, and expertise to help guide your work and be more inclusive in your approach to branding and engaging customers with (and without) disabilities. Most critical, it provides authentic perspectives from the disability community, from people with disabilities, advocates, and allies.

The Marketing Power of Disability

In PRWeek’s "Marketing Power of Disability" conference, we explored why employers must recognize the value of people with disabilities in the workforce. We also discussed barriers people with disabilities often face in securing employment, as well as steps employers can take to solve those issues. To view recordings from the entire conference, register here.

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Championing Disability Inclusion

In this eBook from PRWeek, explore key findings, resources, and perspectives from Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin and executives from Microsoft, Amazon, Voya Financial – among others – who shared insights on the benefits and value of disability inclusion.

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Inclusion at a Digital Level

Ensuring that content is easily accessible to all is one of the most impactful things companies and communicators can do to ensure their brands fully include people with disabilities. In partnership with the PRCA in the U.K., the PR Council recently presented Accessible Communications Guidelines. Created thanks to research by Current Global, Magna and IPG Media Lab, these offer very specific, adoptable tactics to develop content that is truly accessible to all.

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