Early Intervention and Development: From Birth to Adulthood

These uplifting stories showcase the importance of milestone checkups and, if needed, early intervention services. We've tracked the impact from the earliest stages of life until well after the therapy is done. Don't forget to learn crucial information about your child or grandchild's development by taking the Ages & Stages Questionnaire®.

 New Moms Amazed By Their Babies' Development

Baby Ben Hallen Thumbnail

Lisa Hallen opens up about the surprises of being a new mom and how her son Ben is a "rolling machine."

Baby Reagan thumbail

Little Reagan and her mom Robyn share with Rachel Talen what first-time motherhood is really like

Intervention in Play: Major Milestones Met in a Short Time

Ben Jimenez video thumbnail

Meet Ben who lives with autism spectrum disorder—see what a difference a year makes!

Izell video thumbnail

Watch how Izell learned to do what some never thought he'd do

Story and Sage video thumbnail

Watch how twins Story & Sage, born at 25 weeks, are growing!

Physical therapy with baby wth Down syndrome

Gross motor exercises for babies with Down syndrome:

Reaching and hip stretch exercises

Supported kneeling and back-lying exercises

 After Early Intervention: Updates from Teens and Adults

Gui Batista as a Kid Small Thumbnail

A mother's intuition and determination changed the life of her son forever

Matt Cantwell toddler Thumbnail

This little boy was born a micro preemie at only 1 lb., 12oz. Find out how he's doing now!

Theresa Forthofer and her Family Thumbnail

The difference early intervention made to 2 brothers diagnosed at different ages

Our Latest Blogs on Child Development

Learn crucial information about your child's development by taking the Ages & Stages Questionnaire®.

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