Orthotics Clinic & Serial Casting

The Orthotics Clinic services the needs of children in the Peoria and Bloomington Normal area and children seen through the Comprehensive Cerebral Palsy Clinic.  Custom-made orthotics provide stability and support for proper positioning during standing and walking.  The evaluation/fabrication appointments are scheduled for 30-60 minutes.  Following the evaluation to determine the appropriate orthotic, a casting is performed.  A fitting is scheduled for 2-3 weeks from casting date.  The fitting for the delivery of the orthotic is performed by a physical therapist and/or physical therapist assistant and orthotist.  Instructions concerning observation of skin condition and wearing schedule are provided at this time.  An appointment for follow-up may be scheduled 2-4 weeks following the fitting, especially if the individual is not followed regularly by a physical therapist.  Appointments for follow-up or adjustments due to growth can be scheduled through clinic or at the orthotist's office.

Serial casting may be recommended prior to fabrication of an orthotic device.  This is a procedure that involves a series of casts used to stretch soft tissue contractures and/or inhibit abnormal muscle tone.  New casts are applied every 1-2 weeks until the desired position or range of motion is achieved.  At the appointment prior to the last week of serial casting, a separate cast will be fabricated for the orthotic (if recommended) and the new orthotic will be fitted to the individual when the final serial cast is removed.

Orthotic clinics are available through our Bloomington and Peoria sites. Call 309.686.1177 in Peoria or 309.663.8275 in Bloomington for clinic information or scheduling.

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