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Aging Gracefully: How To Keep Your Aging Loved One Healthy At Home

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When you have a parent or grandparent who is starting to face the challenges of older age, it can be a delicate balance of taking care of them and giving them their independence. To walk this line successfully, there are a few key things you can do for them.

Find At-Home Senior Services

Nine out of ten Americans 65 and older want to stay at home as long as they possibly can. But when they are alone at home, how do you keep them safe while satisfying that important desire? Hiring an at-home caregiver who provides senior services may be the perfect solution for your loved one. Personal care services can help your loved one with taking medication, doing chores, and they will be there if there is an accident. An older adult is treated for a fall in the emergency room every 11 seconds. When home health aides provide senior services, there will be better safety measures in place and the responsibility of their total care will be taken off of your shoulders.

Keep Them Physically Active

While many seniors may prefer to stay at home, they need physical exercise just as much as younger people. Studies have shown that seniors who engage in regular fitness offset issues related to a range of motion and mobility. At local gyms across the country, special classes for people 60 and over are geared towards muscle strengthening and weight-bearing exercises. These classes also help get seniors to socialize, which can raise their spirits and stimulate their interest in events, people, and their own future.

Encourage Their Hobbies

Staying mentally and socially active is as important for aging adults as staying physically active. Seniors may resist engaging in volunteer opportunities or community organizations because they feel more comfortable at home rather than in new social situations. Try to find activities that already include an interest of their's, such as a book club or ushering at a local theatre. This way, they are comfortable with and interested in the subject matter. They can build a relationship with their subject matter, and friendships with other members will multiply from there.

Depression is a major problem among seniors in the United States, but taking these steps can help keep your aging loved one happy and safe.

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