Respite Services

We understand that caring for a person with a disability can take its toll, especially if you as the caregiver never has a break from those responsibilities. Our respite services give you a helping hand by providing trained staff who can step in for a brief period.

What We Do:

Easterseals Alaska provides respite services in various forms— in your home or in the community. We offer short-term or temporary care for loved ones so that their caregivers can take a much-needed break. Easterseals tailors respite services to meet individual family needs.

In-home Respite

Our trained staff can provide high-quality care in the client’s home. Knowing that your loved one is cared for safely in your home, and in a manner you desire gives you peace of mind while you go out with friends, exercise, go shopping, or go to a movie — whatever you choose.

Respite in the Community

Our staff also can provide respite for caregivers by taking the clients on community outings, such as going to the park, shopping at the mall and much more. In addition to giving you time to focus on yourself or another family member, this type of respite also provides an enriching experience for the individual with a disability.

For more information about our services, please call Easterseals Alaska at 277-7325.


“Pop loves going to sit by the lake with his caregiver. He talks about fishing again”.

"Mom is always so happy to see her caregiver. They have been playing checkers and putting together a puzzle”.

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