Camper Poem

Take a look at a beautiful poem one camper wrote about Camp Stand By Me. We couldn’t say it better ourselves!

Camp Collage


"Time goes on.
But for some it has taken a different boat.
I feel at peace.
I have received a release.
Surrounded by those who are different.
Many will never see what kind of freedom this can be.
I watch and see many faces
Who want to be loved and to be free.
Too often people do not see us,
They do not know what we can do.
But those who are different
Have wings and feelings too.
All we want is to be loved and taught,
But too often we are tossed and lost.
A short period of freedom:
That's what this camp is.
Where we can fly and learn how to touch the sky.”

written by: Camp Stand By Me camper

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