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Adult Day Programs

The mission of our Easter Seals Solutions Day Program is to ensure that people with developmental disabilities experience valued roles in the community by providing services and training that supports individual choices and opportunities.

The program operates 5 days a week.  Individuals meet at the Easter Seals center for opening organizational activities and then go in groups of 3-4 to community based activities based on individual preferences and ISP goals.  Weekly plans are developed with the individuals input.  Our goal is to have a staff ratio of 1 staff member to 4 people.  

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Dream Wall

Dreams Come True Series

Adult Day Solutions provides:

Focus Areas:

     * Awareness of community resources and accessibility
     * Volunteer opportunities

     * Speech and language skills development
     * Alternative systems of communication/sign language
     * Telephone skills
     * Computer training
     * Reading, writing and comprehension
     * Self expression

     * Conversational skills
     * Current Events
     * Etiquette and personal space

     * Appearance and hygiene
     * Physical health/exercise
     * Medication education
     * Therapy services
     * Menu preparation and cooking
     * Grocery shopping
     * Laundry
     * Housekeeping
     * Money management and banking

     * Arts and crafts
     * Music
     * Pet therapy
     * Sports
     * Hobby exploration and development
     * Community activities
     * Field trips

     * Work evaluation
     * Job application and interviewing
     * Work skills development
     * Recycling
     * Specific job sampling options

     * Making informed choices
     * Citizenship
     * Leadership development
     * "People first"
     * Personal Safety

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