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Giving Our Graduates the Red Carpet Treatment

September 28, 2021

Our Safe Babies Healthy Families (SBHF) program had a wonderful celebration in July for the 15 children and their families that graduate our program. These children successfully completed our program, and they are off to 4K/kindergarten. We had an amazing group of volunteers that helped provide a meal, individualized graduation cakes, and a backpack filled with school supplies. The event the team put on was extremely special.  The children walked across a red carpet, received a medal and their backpack, all while being cheered on by the all families as they take the next step.

Our SBHF team will tell you it has been a pleasure watching these children grow and they feel grateful for playing a large part in supporting the entire family for so many years.  We are so proud of the services our team provide to the families, and equally as proud of the families and their commitment to the program and even more importantly to their children.

Here are some of the other successes our team is having with families they are currently working with:

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