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Miss You Can Do It Gives Girls with Disabilities a Chance to be Celebrated

Tune in to The HBO premiere on June 24th

Abby Curran, former Miss Iowa and the first woman with a disability to compete in the Miss USA Pageant®
"I hope that my Miss You Can Do It girls leave this pageant knowing that, okay, we might fall down, or someone might stare at us, but I just did something amazing. Something that not very many people get to experience."
-- Abbey Curran, former Miss Iowa and the first woman with a disability to compete in the Miss USA Pageant®

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age two, Abbey Curran never accepted her physical limitations. She admits her disability comes with lifelong challenges, but none that hold her back

Miss You Can Do It, a new film by HBO Documentary Films, highlights the extraordinary work Curran is doing with the pageant she founded. Curran and a team of enthusiastic volunteers give the girls who participate a chance to be celebrated for all they are inside, not just defined by what the world sees on the outside.

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For one special weekend the young girls -- including several Easterseals girls -- spend time with their families in an oasis of fun, femininity and celebration. Miss You Can Do It portrays ability in an empowering way. No one leaves the pageant empty-handed, with each girl receiving a special award.

Meet the Contestants!

We interviewed some of the girls about what it takes to be a Miss You Can Do It rockstar. Here's what they told us.

Meet Ali

Ali receives therapy at Easter Seals Southwestern Indiana.

Meet Ali
Ali is an eight-year old girl with a passion for helping others.  If she could have any super power it would be to “save people from harm.” When Ali’s not on the basketball court, you can find her working the runway. Even though Ali resides in Southern Indiana, she considers herself to be a huge St. Louis Cardinal fan. This Taylor Swift admirer hopes to become a veterinarian one day. 

Years in pageant: one
Favorite ice cream flavor: vanilla
Three words to describe herself: funny, nice, adorable
Favorite color: purple
Best joke: “How do you make a skeleton laugh?  By tickling his funny bone.”
Hero: her mom
Connection to Easterseals: “Easterseals is a huge part of my life, I go there every week, I receive PT, OT and swim. I was the Easterseals child rep in 2012 for Easter Seals Southwestern Indiana. They have helped me reach my goals.”

Meet Delaney

Delaney with Miss You Can Do It producer Ron Davis.

Meet Delaney
This 12-year-old girl is a former Miss You Can Do It pageant winner (2008). She loves playing baseball and reading. This bookworm is well on her way to making her dream of becoming an author come true. Delaney is currently working on a children’s book about the Bioness foot-drop system. 

Favorite ice cream flavor: cookie dough
Favorite TV show: Castle 
Favorite pageant event: formal wear
Dream concert: Taylor Swift
Most rewarding part of the pageant: making new friends
Hero: her whole family!

Meet Natasha and Kenna

Natasha and Kenna (far left) with friends and family at the Chicago premiere of Miss You Can Do It

Meet Sisters Natasha and Kenna
Sisters Natasha and Kenna are no strangers to the Miss You Can Do It pageant. Together, the girls have 12 years of pageant experience (Natasha: nine, Kenna: three)! When Natasha and Kenna aren’t in the pageant spotlight, they participate in a variety of sports. Natasha loves to swim, and has become a star at the bowling alley. Kenna loves to jump-rope and play softball with her family. The dynamic duo spends time at Easterseals Peoria Illinois.

Fun facts about Natasha:

Age: 17
Favorite color: pink and blue 
Favorite singers: Justin Bieber and Devi Lovato
Three words to describe herself: friendly, generous and outgoing

Fun Facts about Kenna: 

Age: 11
Favorite color: pink and yellow
Favorite singers: Selena Gomez and CoCo Jones
Three words to describe themselves: bright, energetic and silly

Easterseals Resources:
Whether you know someone with a disability or are simply interested in learning more, the following information will help you learn something new about living with a disability, and help overcome misunderstandings and misinformation:

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