Celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act

Past, Present and Future

ADA and Disability Pride

The Americans with Disabilities Act was just one of many legislative events which defined disability history and advocacy. We celebrate these achievements while looking forward to the future with pride. But what is disability pride? It is intricately woven in all aspects of advocacy and self-advocacy, especially today.

Learn about disability pride.

Advocating for the ADA in 1990

Easterseals was a leading supporter of the Americans with Disabilities Act and actively lobbied in Washington D.C. to ensure its passage. Check out these posters from an Easterseals campaign from 1990, the year the ADA was signed into law.

View historical posters

Personal Stories and Speeches

Since the ADA has been in place for nearly 3 decades, it might be hard to imagine what it was like before the law was passed or grasp just how big of an impact it has on people's lives.

Listen to historic speeches and read stories about the importance of the ADA

More perspectives and resources

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