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Meet Addison - Our 2017 Child Ambassador


Addison - 2017 Child Ambassador

Meet Addison - ESWCPA's 2017 Child Ambassador

Addison is a lively and happy 6 year old who has been attending the Easter Seals Linda Lanham Zeszutek Approved Private School/south site since May 2015. Sara, Addison’s mom, says, “The best thing about Easter Seals for Addison is all the teachers, therapists and staff. They have a wonderful group of people there that have great individual relationships with Addison.”

Before attending Easter Seals’ approved private school Addison used a walker to get around and in less than a year she now walks independently without the use of the walker! 

Sara says, “Our family sees the difference at home every day in Addie’s behavior, and how she interacts with us and her sisters. The Easter Seals program has given Addison confidence not just in her gross and fine motor movement but also confidence of her place in this world! We don't know where we would be today without Easter Seals’ teaching, guidance and support.”

Find out more about the Linda Lanham Zeszutek Approved Private School.

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