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Preschool Screening Program

  Preschool Speech, Language & Hearing Screening Program

 Preschool Screening

The Preschool Speech, Language, and Hearing Screening Program is designed to identify children at risk for communication, learning, and/or social difficulties secondary to speech, language, or hearing problems.  Easter Seals Western and Central Pennsylvania offers this vital program to children ages three to six within the familiar environment of their community preschool or daycare.  During a 10 to 15 minute individual session, students play a series of “talking and listening games” designed to evaluate speech sound production, understanding and usage of language, voice and fluency, ability to hear quiet sounds, and middle ear health.  Written results and supplemental resource materials are shared with families and school staff.  Referral sources are provided if further evaluation or treatment is indicated.

The Preschool Speech, Language, and Hearing Screening program is available to preschools and daycares throughout Allegheny, Westmoreland and Washington counties on a fee-for-service basis.  Services are provided by highly experienced, licensed master’s level speech-language pathologists holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

For further information or to schedule a screening, contact:

Patty Braendle
Director, Childrens' Programs
412.281.7244 x 1261
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