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Medical Rehabilitation helps create independence for Rocco


Rocco Caruso, from Meriden Connecticut, has built a reputation of being a hard working mechanic – serving the Meriden community at Hunters Ambulance for over 15 years.  After working on cars for many years, Rocco retired in 2015.

Not long after retiring, Rocco suffered a fall down a set of stairs which left him unconscious for a few minutes.  After he stood up and realized he didn’t have any broken bones, Rocco continued his regular daily routine.  About a week later he discovered he had leg weakness, difficulty moving and he was in quite a bit of pain due to nerve damage in his arms and legs.  His doctor sent him to the hospital where he eventually needed neck surgery.  After surgery, Rocco was advised that he would need physical therapy.  He worked with the Occupational and Physical therapists at Easterseals with to help regain his strength and mobility and start the healing process.

Easterseals medical rehabilitation services takes a “creating solutions, changing lives” approach.  Physicians recommend the specialized services that Easterseals provides, physical, occupational and/or speech therapy. A team of licensed, registered healthcare professionals work together to assess and meet the physical and educational needs of each individual with the goal of rehabilitating the whole person.  A full array of services can be specifically designed to accommodate individual needs through identification, education and preventive treatment.

When Rocco first started therapy after surgery, he could not stand up straight and he had quite a bit of pain.  Rocco was assigned therapies to do at home as well as coming in to work with a physical therapist twice a week.  The therapists that he worked with “stretched him like spaghetti”. They worked to improve his back and neck range of motion and reduce his pain. Our therapists also helped him to connect with doctors and encouraged him to make necessary appointments. He went from needing assistance to walk and get into/out of bed, to standing and independent driving, getting up and down stairs and now he can function independently.   Rocco contributes his success to his hard work, and the caring nature of the therapists at Easterseals.

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