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Community Services Programs

Everyone deserves to learn, grow and discover new possibilities in the communities they call home.  We want to spend our days reaching new goals, interacting with others, and enjoying meaningful activities.

Transitional Services

The Easterseals Transitional Program is for individuals of varying ages and levels of needs, who are exploring their vocational skill building abilities within a three year period. We practice these skills by getting involved with the community and volunteering a few times a week at various locations. We learn and implement different skills at each location. 

Individualized Services

Individualized Day Vocational- Many of the individuals in our community-based day programs strive to find and maintain meaningful employment and earn money.  We’re with them every step of the way, offering a range of support services to help them succeed at work.  We also provide support to employers to ensure that we create successful employment experiences for both the individual and the employer.

Individualized Day Non-Vocational - During the day, an individual may not want to focus on work tasks. Staff would meet with the individual and their team to go over the wants and needs of this person to benefit their life. This could be going to local craft fairs to purchase items, go for walks at the park, go to the local gym, and anything based on non vocational activities but still beneficial.

Placement Services 

This program is designed to  support to those who work on a job site but need continual support. 

Our staff will:
  • Enhance and expedite the transition from training to employment
  • Identify individual’s career goal through vocational counseling
  • Assist with resume writing, job searching, job skill training, and job development
  • Connect the individual with jobs based on their interests and abilities
  • Find employment opportunities through DDS and DORS within the community

Level Up

Level up is designed for students from ages 16-24 who already participate in a workplace readiness program. Our staff works with the students through Bureau of Rehabilitation Services  (BRS) to provide training with orientation and on the job site training.  The goal of this program is to provide students with confidence and independance in the workplace.


In-Home Supports

We work with individuals to help improve their short and long term goals in an independent/ home setting. This program may include support for participation in community activities, assistance to develop life skills, implementation of behavior programs, and more. We are available to provide morning, afternoon and weekend support to individuals in this program. 


For more information, please email Amber Boroski or call 203.236.0188  x103

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