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Little Scientists Program

Little Scientists Program
“Budding” Little Scientists Program at Angle Lake CDC

Preschoolers at our Angle Lake Child Development Center have now participated in two exciting, hands-on science lessons as part of an on-going monthly series of interactive science labs featured in their curriculum. The science lessons are taught by Witty Scientists, a group of real-life scientists passionate about nurturing and educating young minds to understand the world around them.

Little Scientists Program

Easter Seals Washington and Witty Scientists have teamed up to help our preschoolers get a head-start on learning about the world around them through science. The inaugural class of little “scientists” at Angle Lake CDC wore goggles and even donned colorful aprons as “white lab coats,” as they dropped food coloring into beakers to represent droplets of rain in the earth’s atmosphere.  November's science lesson, “The Journey of a Water Drop” was led by scientist, Dr. Mariola Kulawiec, who made the class fun and interactive, while also purposefully exposing the children to scientific jargon like “precipitation” and “condensation.”

Little Scientists Program

Why expose science to children at such a young age and make it so interactive? According to Dr. Kulawiec, “We want children to see science as an adventure. Children absorb more when conducting their own experiments. As an added bonus, experimentation makes learning fun for kids and leaves them with the idea that education can be joyful and fulfilling. We put this philosophy into practice by letting the kids take the lead in experiments and giving them ample opportunity to get fully involved.”

Little Scientists Program

Each class lasts for about one hour and is always taught by an actual scientist from Witty Scientists. The safety of the children is always a priority and the labs are fully customizable, which means that they can be designed to be inclusive and accessible for everyone. The budding little “scientists” at Angle Lake are now eagerly awaiting December’s planned lesson on chemistry.

“The Witty Scientists tailor their science lessons to benefit all of our preschoolers regardless of ability level or learning style. Inclusive education is reaching new heights with this innovative program,” says Cathy Bisaillon, President & CEO of Easter Seals Washington.

The first class lesson was followed by a December lesson on "It's not magic but chemistry - testing substances to make chemical reactions including non-Newtonian fluids fun."

Future scheduled classes will include:

DIY Toys/Strong structures: Little engineers will make - toothpicks structures, shell seats, and matchstick meccano.
Pangea and volcanoes: Little scientists will make a Pangea's puzzles and erupt volcanoes.

Now, whoever said science couldn’t both be fun and educational?  Click here to view all our photos from this fun new program.  Want learn more about how you can help expand these hands-on STEM activities across all our Child Development Centers? Contact us.

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