Post Permanency Services

Easterseals VT recognizes that some families formed by adoption or Guardianship need support in order to be successful. A family’s needs usually change over time, along with the child’s development and the development of the family as a whole. Permanency services address the normative issues adoptive/guardian families face as well as the more significant issues that can arise when raising a child who has experienced a traumatic start in life.

Services available to families include

  • In-home adjusted parent education – identifying strengths and challenges, and developing plans that foster growth
  • Consultation to treatment teams and advocacy – providing education support within schools and collaborating with treatment teams
  • Referrals to community resources
  • General adoption information
  • Kinship placements support
  • Lending library—available to all professionals and families
For more information please contact us or call 802.622.3230
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