Balanced & Restorative Justice

The mission of Balanced & Restorative Justice (BARJ) is to enhance youth focused restorative justice across Vermont.

We will achieve this mission by increasing the youth’s quality of life, by creating a learning environment and identifying skill and resource gaps, utilizing best practice to inform our work, collaborating with our peers, identifying restorative justice needs, creating consistency in restorative justice practice, and incorporating preventative practices.

We will provide collaborative and supportive services to youth and families, and support youth in becoming productive and invested members of their community.

Practice Philosophy

While delinquency is a violation of law, the primary concern is the physical, emotional, and social impact it has on people and the community.

Restorative Justice engages victims, the youth who committed the delinquent act and community members – all those affected by the crime – in an effort to make amends and repair the harm caused.

  • All parties, those affected, those whose actions affected them and the community, are provided meaningful opportunities to participate, shape the process, make decisions and seek resolution.
  • Those involved are in the best position to know what it means to make things right for them in their particular situation.
  • Victims determine their level of participation in any restorative process.
  • Victims have the opportunity to talk about the delinquency from their perspective, identify how their needs may be best met, and plan for a safe environment.

For more information contact us or call 802.622.3230.

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