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2019 Vermont City Marathon

Easterseals Vermont has been selected as the 2019 Charity of Choice for the Vermont City Marathon

People's United Bank
Vermont City Marathon

May 26 - Burlington VT

Help us reach our goal of $25,000 raised... Run for Easterseals Vermont and support children, families and veterans. Receive a FREE bib in return for your support...

You can choose to support any of our programs:

Child & Family Support

Permanency Support

Military & Veterans Services

For over 30 years, Easterseals Vermont has been committed to working with at-risk youth to find family-centered solutions to problems parents and children face. They work collaboratively with families and teams that are pursuing healthy attachments, trauma repair, quality mental health treatment, and permanency for children in need of protective supports.

Through three core programs (Child & Family Support, Permanency Support and Military & Veterans Services), our Family Engagement Specialists and Care Coordinators work in all parts of the state and serve, on average, more than 600 clients each day.

For more information, contact Joe Emmons at or 603.621.3570.


GOAL: $25,000


Undertrained and Overconfident: $150
Joe Emmons: $100
Meghan Bilz: $000
Ashley Severs: $50

Running on Empathy: $865
Erin Langlois: $125
Shannon Fogg: $200
Santa Rocha: $190
Amanda Whitcomb: $100
Andrea Myette: $000

Running for Hope, Help & Answers: $585
Jesse Holden: $175
Tara Longley: $510

Continuing to Run for Hope, Help & Answers: $475
Sarah Willey: $325
Kerra Holden: $100

802 CrossFit: $1,650
Simonne Gratton: $1,650
Allison Lamay: $000
Dominique Lessard: $000
Florence Fong: $000
Kristin Serowiec: $000

We Got Sole: $550
Joayn Morway: $150
Cait Merriam: $100
Heidi Hamel: $100
Sarah Shute: $100
Jacky Merriam: $100

Rays of Hope: $700
Jim Wallace: $250
Heather Heitkamp: $100
Daphne Hard: $100
Emilie Soisson: $100
Cathy Cai: $150

Running for Valor: $850
Andrea Gagner: $375
Jason Noel: $475

Team Short Order: $150
Ashleigh Smith: $150
Holly Reed: $000

Callie Streeter: $130
Jason Wetherby: $495
Michael Popham: $455

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