Meet Angelina


Angelina is a bright student with an eagerness to explore, discover, and invent class projects or experiments. She enjoys learning how things work and is quick to find new ways of doing things and thinking outside the box.

It's hard to believe that when she first started at Easterseals South Florida, she was a shy 1st grader who would hide under her desk and struggled with learning how to read.  After 3 years in Ms. Stephanie’s class, she learned to read, spell, math, and make friends.  Angelina takes great pride in writing legibly and is learning to write her name in cursive, including making her signature now that she is a 6th grader.

Throughout the years she has had fun learning clerical tasks such as, stapling, cutting, laminating, and sorting.  She shows great promise in office work as she likes keeping her area organized and neat, will redo her own work to make sure it is done properly, and enjoys doing hands-on tasks like making packets or creating activities. Students Angelina’s age are often insecure especially when they have special needs.  Not Angelina!  She has fostered self-confidence in being her own person.  With the support of Easterseals South Florida, Angelina will continue to grow into a smart, charismatic, and wonderful person with a world of options for her to not only learn, live and play but also to work to her full potential.  Only time will tell if she chooses a career in office management!

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