Aurora Learns to Overcome Barriers


Aurora has been enrolled at Easterseals South Florida since she was a baby.  When she came to us, she could not stay still for more than three minutes which created challenges with her daily routine and activities.  Even holding a spoon or cup correctly was difficult resulting in food being thrown everywhere.

Today, Aurora is overcoming her communication barriers.  She can sit for longer than 10 minutes and actively engage with her teachers and peers.   Aurora has shown progress in her fine motor such as: painting, sticking, holding the crayons, and braking papers.   During outdoor time, Aurora uses her gross motor skills by pedaling a bike, running, and going up and down stairs. 

Early intervention has helped identify barriers to Aurora’s success and set in place resources necessary for her to overcome those challenges.  With on-going support from her teachers Aurora will be able to further develop her skills daily to learn and play to her fullest potential.

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