Stories of Hope

Meet Clelia

2023 Clelia was diagnosed with a speech and language impediment. However, she was given the opportunity to participate in the Easterseals South Florida Head Start program. In less than three months, her parents noticed an incredible improvement. "We managed to understand her!"
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Meet Romell

2023 Romell is a 22-year-old student with Autism. He started the Easterseals Academy when he was in middle school, but today, he is a graduate with high honors from the Culinary Arts Program.
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Meet Phoenix

2023 Phoenix and his mom were going through a very rough patch, but now feel accomplished as a parent going through adversities and overcoming them.
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Meet Jayden

2023 Jayden has made tremendous progress in all areas! When Jayden first started at Easterseals last summer, it was hard for him to enter the classroom without crying; he had difficulty separating from his parents.
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Meet Gladys

2023 If you're anything like our Gladys, you'll do all the things you love and live each moment to the fullest.
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Meet Mercedes

100 years Can you believe Mercedes is 100 years young?
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Meet Shakinah

Culinary Arts Shakinah is an 18-year-old young lady who has been attending our Academy since she was in middle school.
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Meet Hector

Culinary Arts Hector is a 19-year-old student with Autism at the Easterseals Culinary Arts High School program.
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If you met Daniela today, you would never know her challenging journey …

Daniela Daniela was born with complex medical issues and developmental delays. As a result, she has faced medical and educational challenges that have significantly delayed her development.
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Easterseals South Florida Impact

2022 We want every child to reach his/her full potential and every adult living with Alzheimers to live the fullest and most dignified life possible. We are driven by passion to deliver on these ideals for each family we serve which is why we devote over 92 cents of every dollar to programs and services.
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