Person-Centered Services Helps Participant Discover Voice-Over Talent

A smiling man in a grey shirt

Since Hector was a child, he's enjoyed reciting voice-overs and mimicking professional announcers to his family and friends.  

Hector, who has autism, participates with Easterseals Southern California's (ESSC) Adult Day Services in Cerritos and announces everything from commercials to sports highlights and scores.  

He does it so frequently that about two months ago, Marc, ESSC Life Skills Coach, decided to record him because, "Hector sounded like he was on the radio." After Marc recorded Hector's voice, he put background music to it and shared it with other ESSC associates. 

"I'm very grateful for Easterseals because we get the opportunity to learn and discover new things about the lives of our participants," Marc said. "We find out what they find fascinating and boring, and this knowledge helps me shape and customize person-centric activities." 

"And this is just one of those activities that I thought, if I guide Hector, it could lead to something bigger."

A man in a hat and mask points to an ipad to show something to the man next to him. Life Skills Coach Marc (right) works with Hector (left) on his voice-over skills.

Before working at Easterseals, Marc worked in digital media, specifically in audio technology, so he recognized that Hector possessed a true talent for voice-over. It wasn’t long until Marc began coaching Hector and helping him hone his skills. 

After recording Hector and creating the commercial audio clip, he shared it with Hector's mother, Eleanor, who also works as a Life Skills Coach in Cerritos. 

"When I share the audio clip Marc made of Hector with other people, I can see by the response in Hector's face that he's enjoying listening to it," Eleanor said. "You can see in his face that he is happy." 

Marc plans to continue working with Hector on his voice-over skills. When Hector isn't doing voice-overs, he loves watching and playing sports like basketball and participating in athletic competitions. 

Easterseals SoCal is excited to see where Hector's talent for voice-over takes him, thanks to his life skills coach Marc who continues to encourage and support him.

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