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Easterseals WorkFirst Transition Project

Easterseals Southern California WorkFirst is working with project partners to increase career planning, work pathways, job opportunities and employment outcomes for transition age youth in Orange County. Click on the links below to learn more.

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ESSC WorkFirst is coordinating an integrated process for students ages 14-25, providing post-secondary, job exploration and career blueprints.

Customized employment is engaged as a key strategy towards assisting participants to acquire a career path and/or become employed.

This project includes resources and toolkits regarding higher education, career paths and financial literacy, targeting outreach and information sharing for participants, students and their families.

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Agencies & Information

Find information on the various policies, programs and services for transition to adulthood, employment and career paths, independent living, advocacy and economic self-sufficiency.

Regional Center of Orange County- Transition Planning Resources

CA Department of Rehabilitation Transition Partnership Programs

CA State Council on Developmental Disabilities

Social Security Youth Transition Demonstration

California Employment Consortium for Youth

CA Competitive Integrated Employment Blueprint

Implementation of Section 511

List of 14(c) Sub Minimum Wage Certificate Holders

Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center (WINTAC) Pre-Employment Transition Services

National Disability Rights Network

People First of California

Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE)

Soft Skills to Pay the Bills — Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success

Working Wardrobes

Clothes The Deal

US Department of Education Transition Guide

Financial Literacy Education

Discover resources to assist with education and understanding of various financial areas including social security benefits, work incentives, how work impacts benefits, personal finance, saving, borrowing, planning for the future and investing.

Bank of America Better Money Habits-Khan Academy

Credit Union of Southern California

Disability Benefits 101

GreenPath Financial Wellness

Money Experience

National Disability Institute AchievABLE Corner (CalABLE)

Project Independence

SparkPoint Financial Coaching & Resources

Financial Planning Support

Financial Planning Guide - Work and Get Ahead

Financial Planning Resources

Financial Planning and Decision Making FAQ

Financial Planning and Decision Making Resource Guide for Parents and Educators

Financial Planning and Decision Making Resource Guide for Youth

Why Work Is Better

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Financial Planning Resources

Financial Planning and Decision Making FAQ

Financial Planning and Decision Making Resource Guide for Parents and Educators

Financial Planning and Decision Making Resource Guide for Youth

Why Work Is Better

Hỗ trợ Kế hoạch Tài chính - Tiếng Việt

Financial Planning Resources

Financial Planning and Decision Making FAQ

Financial Planning and Decision Making Resource Guide for Parents and Educators

Financial Planning and Decision Making Resource Guide for Youth

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Planning Tools & Reading - Tools for education, practice and application of customized employment discovery, exploration, support and instruction to achieve employment outcomes.

Griffin Hammis Job Developers Handbook (Amazon)

Pre-Employment Skills Development Chart

Discovery Staging Record Cover Sheet

Job Analysis Record

Job Carving-Cary Griffin

Job-Business Development Plan

LEAD Center Road to Inclusive Career Pathways

Self-Guided Discovery - Facilitator's Guide

Self-Directed Discovering Personal Genius Manual-Version 2

Thought Sauce-Griffin Hammis

Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (Amazon)

Real Work For Real Play: A Self-Advocates Guide To Employment Policy Plain Language

Informed Choice ToolKit

Employment First Person-Centered Informed Choice Conversations

NPC-28b Self Advocacy Plan


Cary Griffin - the Guru himself

Stories of Customized Employment

Ashlea Lantz of Griffin Hammis - Digs Deeper into Discovery

Nancy Brooks Lane - Becoming a First Class Noticer and Documenting your Findings

Nancy Brooks Lane - Employer Engagement

Bottom Dollars Documentary (Rooted in Rights)

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The first in-person meeting will take place in January 2020 with project completion by the end of December 2020.

Demonstration project will end December 2020, however it is anticipated that sustainable funding streams will be in place by that time in order to build upon the work made possible through the Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation.


Partnership commitment includes establishment of individual Partner Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

There is no financial commitment on the part of Project Partner in order to participate.
  • Project partners are asked to identify students to participate and be led through exploration.
  • Students may be between the age of 14-25 residing in and/or attending school in Orange County.
  • Project partners may be, but are not limited to schools, colleges, funders, provider agencies, resource centers, advocacy organizations, community collaborative, advisory committees, councils, networks or other groups.
  • Each project partner identifies a representative Discovery Lead to be trained in Discovery, Career Exploration and Customized Employment.
  • Partner Discovery Leads may be other student peers, teachers, professionals, family members, friends, natural supports, instructors or counselors.
  • Each Project Partner Lead receives training, tools and resources (in person training, handbook, manual, on line mentorship).
  • Project Partner Leads meet monthly with the ESSC WorkFirst project lead, through calendar year 2020.
  • Face to face, phone, web-based conference meetings and consultation are provided and available throughout the project.
  • Collaboration with Department of Rehabilitation, Griffin Hammis, Financial Literacy organizations, and the Regional Center of Orange County will result in ongoing information sharing, outreach and training to families and participants regarding benefits education. Project participant families will be required to attend at least one financial literacy consultation session prior to Project completion.

Participating Project Partners

Coastline College- California Adult Education Program (CAEP)

Easterseals SoCal Young Adult Social Skills Program

Orange Unified School District

Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPICA)

Irvine Unified School District

Consultation & Support Partners

Griffin Hammis Associates

Disability Rights California

Autism Society of California

State Council on Developmental Disabilities

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Project Contact

For additional information, resources or referral for financial literacy consultation, please contact Pamela Arturi, Director of Employment Services (WorkFirst)  (657) 220-7726

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