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Ozzie's Story

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How did you discover that your child had special needs?
He was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome.

How did you learn about Easterseals Therapy Services?
Babynet informed me about Easterseals and also informed me that they work a lot with Military families.

How do you feel your child is doing now in comparison to when they first started their journey? What is he able to do now that he was not able to do before?
I feel like Ozzie has really improved on many skills since starting with Easterseals. Ozzie is almost crawling and almost able to pull up to standing. He is eating with his hands and somewhat eating with a fork.

What kinds of support have been most helpful to you and why? 
The best support has come from our therapists and Early Interventionist as well as our Down Syndrome Association of the Lowcounty (DSAL) community. They have provided a lot of encouragement as well as emotional support. The relationships we have built have really been great for us and for Ozzie!

ozzie eating

ozzie reading

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