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Little Lucas

Lucas with Lindsay

How did you discover that your child had special needs? 

When we took Lucas to his 18 month well check their pediatrician recommended speech therapy and referred the family to Baby Net.

How did you learn about Easterseals Early Intervention?

After the evaluation that was completed at BabyNet the intake coordinator gave us a list of Early Intervention providers and Easterseals grabbed our attention because the name sounded nice.

How do you feel your child is doing now in comparison to when they first started their Early Intervention journey? What are they able to do now that they were not able to do before?

Our EI, Lindsay Evans, added speech therapy to our IFSP right away and that was truly the start of our families’ journey.  Lucas is doing so well now compared to when we first started! He is signing more and his vocabulary has expanded so much! Before, Lucas would just point at things, pull us, or make sounds and we would “just know” what he wanted or needed. Now he talks in sentences and can tell us when he wants or needs something! (Except for when daddy is around!) haha! Lucas comes from a military family and his mama is German so Lucas is a little bilingual cutie! A lot of the things Lindsay would ask him he would respond to her in German! Signing, talking in English and German….talk about a triple threat!

What kinds of support have been most helpful to you and why? (family, support groups, Early Interventionist,therapists,etc)

Lindsay, our EI has been extremely helpful over the past year. Along with Lindsay, our speech therapists has helped Lucas become more vocal and help us understand him better! Over the past year, Lindsay has taken us outside of our home for various family training sessions. One of Lucas’ favorite things to do is going to EdVenture and playing in the kid size “grocery store”! Our family has also been extremely helpful during the past year. Lucas’ grandma, “Oma”, helps him do his chores, they love to cook together and they can talk to each other in German and English now! Lucas also became a big brother over the past year and he loves helping out and playing with his little brother!

Lucas with Lindsay

lucas with cookies

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