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Jordan's Story

Jordan Jackson 2

Michelle and James are active members in the US Air Force. They were pregnant with their son Jordan when Michelle had a genetic prescreening done. Michelle shares that she got a brief phone call a couple weeks later stating the test showed markers for Down Syndrome and possible markers for Spina Bifida…and the person hung up. Michelle says it was hurtful to get a phone call and not be given the choice of a face to face discussion with the doctor about their baby. Jordan was born in Delaware in 2013 and it was the nurses in the NICU that first told Michelle about Easterseals.  Jordan was hospitalized for the first 2 months and he had a tube through his nose for feeding his first 10 months of life.  Mom was assigned an Easterseals Counselor that encouraged them to get started with early intervention services as soon as possible.  Michelle remembers being told to apply for Medicaid right away even though they had excellent insurance.  In Delaware, Jordan was able to attend a special needs daycare that accepted his Medicaid.  Michelle says they were wonderful there.

It happened to be that Michelle and James were living and working on separate Air Force bases. Michelle was finally able to join James with Jordan in South Carolina in 2015. Michelle knew she would want Easterseals services for Jordan and her family because they had been so helpful in Delaware.

Once Jordan was found eligible by BabyNet based on his diagnosis of Down Syndrome, Michelle chose Easterseals SC as their early intervention provider. Michelle says “Easterseals has been like family since Jordan was born”. She enjoys having nice people come to her own home and teach her how to work with Jordan.  Jordan is thriving now! He is eating a good variety of foods and he is learning to feed himself with forks and spoons. Jordan is walking and learning to jump. Jordan can use some signs and word approximations to tell mom and dad what he wants. He even recently started giving daddy kisses! (Usually, mommy got them all) Jordan loves to dance and he also attends public school for 3 hours a day during the week.  Michelle says “Our Early Interventionist Kerry Litten, has been there to listen, teach and support me in the more challenging moments with Jordan”.  Michelle is excited about Jordan’s future with Easterseals and says that “Even across two states, Easterseals has been consistent in their care and knowledge of Jordan’s development”. 

jj 2

Michelle and James are so thankful for their son. They are also confident that through Easterseals, they have the proper supports in place for their family and especially for Jordan’s future.

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