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Cash Continues to Grow via Telehealth

Cash via Telehealth

How long have you been receiving services from Easterseals? 
Cash receives Speech Therapy and Early Intervention and has received these services since August 2019.

How do the services you receive from Easterseals make a difference in your child’s life? 
These services have made a big difference! We find that Cash has opened up more; he is willing to have a discussion and attempts to communicate more rather than just get upset and frustrated.

How has your family been impacted by Coronavirus?
The Coronavirus has put our house on lock down. It has disrupted our daily lives since we don’t let the children leave the house. My husband was able to stay working since he is deemed essential and my dad was transitioned to a work from home status but everyone else is not currently working. We try not to leave the house unless when necessary and when we do we take the necessary precautions and thoroughly sanitize before coming back in contact with children.

How have the telehealth services positively impacted your child’s progress? 
This has given Cash another outlet during this new way of things. It’s not only a combination between having a conversation with real people outside the house that he enjoys seeing, as well as giving him the concept of all the different technology aspects. Telehealth services have also made him become more expressive with what he wants to share and how he talks to others, almost forces him to learn how to become more descriptive and clear. We’ve seen growth in his counting skills for sure as well as we have seen improvement in wanting to share with his siblings overall. We miss having in home services but this was a huge plus vs. not having anything at all during this time of quarantine to make sure everyone is safe.

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